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Cult on Campus Part Two

Cult Recruits on Campus Part Two: Breaking Away
By Kim Van Bruggen The Projector: Student’s Journal Date: October 10, 1989
In the first part of this two part
series, Cult on Campus, the
University Bible Fellowship was
attempting to recruit new members
from RRCC.
Once approached by a “missionary”
of the University Bible
Fellowship (UBF) the chances of
ending up at their “church” in
Fort Garry are very good.
That is where Theresa wound
up spending almost three years of
her life. “There was a- groupof us that
all started around the same time,
so they trained us as a group. It
became like a military boot camp
for us,” Theresa said.
The punishment for wrongdoing
was different for males than
for females. “If they (the men) disobeyed
them, or had an attitude problem,
or just did something that wasn’t
right—in full suit they would
make them run a one and a half
mile route around the U of W ten
times.” For the women, the punishment
was more emotional in nature.
When Theresa was first recruited
by t…